Welcome to Our Uttar Pradesh!

We are a team of three, proud to be from Kanpur, with a mission: To expand the reach of local businesses and early startups across Uttar Pradesh. We believe in performance marketing, and we won’t charge a rupee unless you see tangible results.

Our Vision

Our goal is clear – Not every business needs a website or should drain their resources on costly promotions. We believe in the power of quality and the future of performance marketing.

What We Offer

In a world where promotion often comes with a price tag, we stand out. As of mid-2023, we are the only platform offering businesses in Uttar Pradesh a chance to promote themselves for free.

Who We Support

From a small vendor in Lucknow to a startup in Agra, or a mid-sized business in our hometown of Kanpur – wherever you are in Uttar Pradesh, we’re here to support you on your journey towards success and recognition.

Join Us

Do you know a business that needs a helping hand? Connect with us and become a part of the Our Uttar Pradesh journey, improving your digital presence along the way.

Share Your Story

We offer a platform for you to share your business story with the world. If you’re a blogger, vlogger, or any kind of influencer based in Uttar Pradesh and want to share something, we’d be glad to connect with you. Please have a look at this page, or email us at collaborate@ouruttarpradesh.in