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Kanpur, currently ranked 34th in India according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Index, has developed into a major center for technological research and development, generating a wave of innovative startups and entrepreneurs. 

In addition to offering a wide range of options for local businesses, this developing hub for startups has produced excellent career opportunities for the youth of the city.

From eco-friendly startups to tech-savvy ventures, Kanpur’s top startups are changing the game and nurturing the city’s growing entrepreneurial culture.

Let’s check out the best Startups in Kanpur in 2024, that combine innovative concepts and work hard to create a more promising future.

1. Phool.co

Founder: Ankit Agarwal and Praveen Kumar
Founded in the year: 2017
Headquarters:  Kanpur, India
Industry: Recycling Industry
Tagline: “Made from the Temple Flowers”

Phool.co - Startup from Kanpur

Backed by IIT Kanpur and Alia Bhatt, Kanpur-based startup Phool.co is transforming the world by solving the issue of leftover flower waste in mosques and temples.

Founded in 2017 by Ankit Agarwal and Prateek Kumar, this startup has found an approach to collect the leftover flowers from these temples and transform them into helpful and environmentally friendly incense sticks, natural therapeutic essential oils, and many other items.

Phool.co uses an innovative technique known as “Flower cycling” to recycle these flowers rather than letting them pollute the Ganges River. This process turns the flowers into a variety of artisanal organic products, like,

  • Cones of rose incense 
  • Charcoal-free incense sticks
  • Essential oils
  • Decor items
  • Customized gift boxes for the festive season

And much more.

What’s more inspiring about Phool.co is that it employs women from low socioeconomic classes, helping them to empower.

Phool.co, which is a part of Kanpur Flower Cycling Pvt. Ltd., is promoting sustainable development and social responsibility in addition to improving the environment.

2. Flotaa

Founder: Bhuwan Bhatia 
Founded in the year: 2020
Headquarters: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Industry: Water and Tech Industry
Tagline: “Your Water Management Partner”

Flotaa - Startup from Kanpur

Flotaa is a startup in Kanpur operating under the legal name ZBEE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. The startup is ISO-certified and promotes intelligent water management strategies.

Being a tech-savvy company, Flotaa uses cutting-edge technologies like robotics, IoT, and AI to produce high-quality, reasonably priced devices that simplify daily life for urban residents.

These devices control pumps, water quality, and overflowing water tanks. Some of their devices are,

  • Flotaa- Mini (Auto cut device for pumps)
  • Flotaa- Nucleo (Wireless automatic level controller)
  • Flotaa- Pro (Wired automatic level controller)
  • Flotaa- Swim (Wireless level indicator)

Flotaa is not only practical, but it also benefits the environment by conserving water and safeguarding Mother Earth. It is all about simplicity and going green.

3. Helpusgreen

Founder: Karan Rastogi
Founded in the year: 2015
Headquarters: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Industry: Renewables and Environment
Tagline: “Powered by Nature”

Helpusgreen - Startup from Kanpur

Karan Rastogi, the founder of the remarkable startup HelpUsGreen, founded the company in Kanpur in 2015. The company developed an innovative idea to address the issue of flower waste from mosques and temples. 

This innovative company is committed to gathering the flowers left behind at these places of worship, polluting the Holy Ganges. It uses unique flower cycle technology to turn this waste from temples into goods that are sustainable and beneficial, like organic fertilizers, incense and colors. 

Some of their best-selling products with eco-friendly packaging are, 

  • HelpUsGreen Natural Mogra Dhoop Sticks
  • HelpUsGreen Natural Sandalwood (Chandan) Dhoop Sticks
  • HelpUsGreen Natural Sandalwood Incense Sticks

And many more dhoop sticks, cones and incense sticks with various fragrances.

HelpUsGreen also provides gorgeous corporate gift baskets, which makes them an excellent option for any business wishing to provide environmentally friendly gifts to its staff. 

In addition to producing various goods, the firm also gives lower-class women jobs.

HelpUsGreen is a prime example of how creative problem-solving can transform waste from temples into fragrant natural substances that make religion sustainable and improve the community and environment.  

So this was the list of best Startups in Kanpur that are still growing and have the power to change the city’s economic environment and contribute to its long-term development.

And yes if you have some more knowledge about the startups in Kanpur that we haven’t added to the list, then please feel free to share with us. We’ll get in touch with them and get them added soon.

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