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Aminabad, Siraj Dokadia Rd, Aminabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Sun - Sat | 10:00 AM–10:00 PM

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Market, Shopping Place

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30 Minutes

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Friends, Family, Kids, Couples

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Aminabad, a lively historical market situated in the center of Lucknow that has been open since the Nawabs of Awadh, and is the oldest and busiest marketplace in Lucknow. Both wholesalers and retailers are attracted to the market by its vibrant and diversified atmosphere. 

The Aminabad market is well known for providing various goods at affordable prices. From rich-chikan embroidered kurtas, dupattas, and dress materials to wedding attires, jewelry, books, hosiery, spices and dry snacks, all can be found here.

The market is also known as the food lover’s paradise,  with a wide selection of street food stalls and cafes serving delicious treats, including meat rolls, kebabs, biryanis, chaats, and the well-known Lucknowi paan.

Aminabad, a significant shopping hub, combines various markets, residential neighborhoods, and office buildings. It is still the foundation of Lucknow’s markets and, remarkably, like Chandni Chowk in Delhi. 

Aminabad Bazaar in Lucknow is a must-visit location if you enjoy shopping since it provides a fun and lively shopping experience and is an excellent area to get a feel of the local culture and way of life in Lucknow.


Aminabad has always been a popular tourist attraction in Lucknow. It all started when Rani Jai Kunwar Pandey owned the area where Aminabad presently stands. The Rani constructed a mosque on this land, Padain Ki Masjid (The Brahmin Women’s Mosque) and gifted it to her close friend  Begum Khadija Khanam, wife of the first nawab of Awadh.

The mosque is still there, but the maqbara of Begum Khadija Khanam, which once stood before the mosque in Aminabad, has been lost to time, leaving just a visible grave. 

The actual land where Aminabad was later constructed was owned by Sikandar Shikoh, the son of the Mughal emperor Shah Alam II. After Sikandar Shikoh passed away, his wife managed the Masarrat Ganj land. She sold it for Rs. 2800 to Nawab Imdad Husain Khan Aminuddaulah, the fourth Nawab of Lucknow and the Prime Minister of Nawab Amjad Ali Shah.

Nawab Imdad Husain Khan Aminuddaulah made the area into an active hub of business and artistic activity in the 1840s. In addition to constructing gates and mosques, he encouraged the construction of residences, businesses, and parks. Following the Indian Rebellion 1857, the British captured power in the area, and Aminabad was placed under their rule.

The area later took Imdad Hussain Khan’s name and was called Aminabad.

Later, in 1905, Lt. Governor Sir James Latouche ordered a renovation of Aminabad. The area’s importance grew over time, and the current Aminabad Park, which was once known as Jhandewala Park, was inaugurated by the Governor of Awadh in the same year. The area quickly became a center of politics, with numerous flags flown. Several freedom activists, including Jawaharlal Nehru, Atal Bihari Bajpayee, and Subhash Chandra Bose addressed crowds during the struggle for independence.

Things to Shop in Aminabad

Aminabad is a bustling and lively market where you may purchase various items although it can occasionally get congested. Beautiful jewelry pieces to designer sarees and chikan kurtas with embroidery to housewares, bed sheets, carpets, and much more are available there. No matter how small or big the shops are, they have a lot of variety to offer you.

Let’s see what all you can shop in Aminabad Market.:

  • Traditional Clothing: Aminabad market is well-known for its chikankari kurtas, sarees, and sherwanis. Here, you can find Lucknow garments in a wide variety, from casual to elegant or machine-made to hand embroidered, at various price rates.
  • Jewelry: Traditional Indian jewelry, such as gold and silver bangles, necklaces, and earrings, may be found at several stores in Aminabad. Beautiful ornaments and expensive jewelry are available here at ideal costs.
  • Handicraft shops: There are stores in Aminabad that sell handcrafted goods like pottery, wooden goods, handcrafted laptop bags, purses, clutches, and other accessories.
  • Footwear: Numerous classic Juthis, or traditional shoes, may be found in Aminabad market. These shoes come in various designs, are frequently made of leather, and have elaborate embroidery and vibrant patterns.

Here are some of the famous jewelry and traditional clothing shops that you can check out the next time you visit Aminabad

  • KhunKhun Ji Jewellers
  • Gopal Das Jewellers
  • Brijwasi saraf
  • Madan Lal Ballabh Das
  • Motianis Showroom

Aside from these, you can also find other shops like home decor, electronics, gifts, and bookstores.

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Exploring the Street Foods of Aminabad

We all know that Aminabad market is famous for its jewelry and clothing there. Still, the market is also very well-known for its delicious street foods like tunday kebabs, biryani, gol gappa, chaats, kulfi and the renowned Lucknowi paan. After a long day of shopping, visitors can try out these super delicious Lucknowi cuisines at reasonable costs.

Here are some of the famous foodie delights that you can find in Aminabad market: 

  • Prakash ki Mashoor kulfi
  • Wahid Biryani
  • Pandit Chaat corner and C for chaat
  • Tiwari chaat house
  • Madhurima sweets
  • Tunday Kababi

Aminabad Market in Lucknow is nothing short of wonderful. You can get the newest fashion trends here at affordable rates. You can enjoy local cuisine, stroll down the city’s main street and window shop.

Aminabad market is the go-to place for shopaholics!

Some Interesting Facts about Aminabad Market

  • Sir Lutouche inaugurated the Aminabad market in 1911.
  • The main attraction held each week at Aminabad market is the Thursday footpath market, allowing visitors to take in the best items at affordable prices.
  • Aminabad is also known as Amina Hamza Bazaar.
  • Aside from clothes and jewelry shops in the market, Aminabad also has some famous temples like the Jagannath Temple and the Mahakaleshwar Temple.

How to reach Aminabad Market?

  • By Railway Station: The distance between Aminabad market and Lucknow Railway station is around 3 KM. It takes almost 15 min to reach there.
  • By Airport: The distance between Aminabad market and Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport (Amausi) is around 13.6 Km. It takes around 33 min to reach there.
  • By Bus stand: The distance from Aminabad to Charbagh bus station is 2.2 Km. It takes around 10 min to reach there.


Q1: What is Aminabad famous for?

Ans. Aminabad market in Lucknow is famous for its traditional markets and local shops that sell a range of goods, such as traditional clothes, jewelry, spices, handicrafts, the famous Lucknow chikankari clothing and its mouthwatering street food, all at affordable prices.

Q2: What to buy in Aminabad Market Lucknow?

Ans. You can buy traditional Lucknow Chikankari or zardozi embroidery clothing, traditional Indian jewelry, classic juttis and handcrafted goods like laptop bags, clutches, pottery etc.

Q3: Is Aminabad closed on Thursday?

Ans. Yes, the market is closed on Thursdays as a unique footpath market is organized on that day so that visitors can buy the best items at affordable prices.

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