Kukrail Forest Reserve, Lucknow


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Sun - Sat | 9AM - 5PM

Type of Place

ZOO, National forest

Entry Fees


Time To Explore

1 - 2 Hours

Place Good For

Friends, Family, Kids, Couples

Kukrail Forest Reserve Lucknow - OUP Places

Kukrail Reserve forest, located in the center of Lucknow, is a green haven within the city’s boundaries. It was created in the 1950s when over 5000 acres of land were turned into green urban forests. Kukrail, called the city’s “green lungs,” is a haven for nature lovers and wildlife. 

Kukrail’s contribution to protecting nature’s resources sets it apart. It is a preserve for flora and fauna with a deer park and a nursery for endangered crocodiles.

Here, you may see spotted and blackbuck deer wandering around freely. Not only that, but Kukrail is also the location of a unique nursery that carefully caters to the eggs of the endangered freshwater gharials. 

Kukrail Forest Reserve Lucknow - Entrance Gate _ OUP Places

The Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and the Ministry of Environment and Forest first collaborated on this conservation project 1978 to address the concern about the fall in crocodile numbers. The Gharial Rehabilitation Centre is an important breeding and conservation center for the endangered freshwater gharials unique to India. 

The Gharial Rehabilitation Centre - Kukrail Forest Reserve Lucknow _ OUP Places

From several riverbanks, the center in Kukrail gathers crocodile eggs, artificially hatches them and then releases the young ones back into the rivers. Kukrail Reserve Forest is more than simply a forest, thanks to its abundance of greenery, a wide variety of wildlife, a calm stream, and breathtaking scenery.

It’s a natural wonder and the perfect family-friendly place to visit in Lucknow that encourages you to explore and get in touch with the beauty of the natural world.

Artificially Designed Gharial Mouth - Kukrail Forest Reserve Lucknow _ OUP Places

Things to do in Kukrail Reserve Forest

  • You can explore the dense Kukrail Reserve Forest by taking the walking pathways that lead through the lush canopy of trees.
  • If you are a wildlife lover, you can enjoy the variety of fauna in the forest, such as the various bird species and turtles. 
  • Enjoy the spacious children’s park with your kids. The park has wings and benches.
  • You can also take part in boating activities in the Kukrail forest reserve.

Interesting Facts on Kukrail Reserve Forest 

  • Kukrail forest in Lucknow is one of 3 crocodile breeding centers in India.
  • Kukrail forest, named after Kukrail Pul, is home to over 200 species of resident and migratory birds.
  • The Gharial Rehabilitation Center, in Kukrail collects crocodile eggs from rivers like Ramganga, Suheli, Girwa, and Chambal.
  • In 1975, only 300 crocodiles remained in Uttar Pradesh, mainly in the River Chambal and its minor tributaries.
  • As of 2016, a total of 5410 gharial juveniles have been released into various rivers, including 254 into the Ganges River.

Entry fee and timing of Kukrail Forest Reserve

There is no entry fee charged for Kukrail Forest Reserve and the forest opens at 9 am and closes by 5 pm.

How to Reach 

  • By Airport: The distance between Kukrail Reserve Forest and Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport is 25 km and it takes almost 56 min to reach there.
  • By Railway:  The distance between Kukrail Reserve Forest and Lucknow Railway station is 14.6 km and it takes almost 38 min to reach there.
  • By Bus: The distance between Kukrail Reserve Forest and Charbagh Bus Station is 12km and it takes almost 35 min to reach there.


Q1: Where is Kukrail Reserve Forest located?

Ans. Kukrail Reserve Forest is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Q2: What types of animals can be found in Kukrail Reserve Forest?

Ans. Kukrail houses endangered species of crocodiles and you can also spot spotted and blackbuck deer, along with a wide variety of bird species and turtles.

Q3: What is Kukrail Reserve famous for?

Ans. Kukrail Reserve Forest is one of 3 crocodile breeding centers in India and houses a deer park in Lucknow.

Q4: What is the area of Kukrail Reserve Forest?

Ans. Kukrail Reserve Forest spreads over an area of 5000 acres.

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