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Tagline: ‘Aisa Koi Saga Nahi, Jisko Hamne Thaga Nahi’

Thaggu Ke Laddu in Kanpur is celebrated for its irresistible laddus available in an array of flavors such as ‘Special Khoya Laddoo & Kaju Yukt Laddoo’. They don’t stop there, their menu also boasts treats like Badnaam Kulfi, Khoya Peda, Barfi, and Gulab Jamun, and savory snacks like samosas and kachoris.

The shop is located in the N Block market of Kakadeo, but they have multiple branches across Kanpur that are easily traceable on Google Maps. The taste is truly delightful, pleasing to all sweet-toothed foodies.


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Thaggu Ke Laddu Pricing:

1. Special Laddoo – Rs. 860/ Kg

Their Special Laddoo is a standout, filled with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, semolina(suji), pure khoya (dried whole milk), tragacanth gum (gond), and cardamom, all mixed in pure desi ghee to create this mouth-watering Indian dessert. It’s as smooth as silk with the right amount of sugar and crunchy dry fruits, defining pure sweet pleasure.

2. Kaju Yukt Laddoo – Rs. 630/ Kg

This laddoo is made using top-quality cashew nuts, perfectly mixed with pure khoya, semolina, cardamom, and tragacanth gum. Its taste has people across India salivating.

3. Badam Kulfi – Approx Rs. 50

This saffron and pistachio kulfi tastes and feels like frozen rabri, a milk-based dessert, with added saffron, pistachios, and other ingredients. The mixture is placed in a stainless steel vessel and kept amongst blocks of ice and salt. It’s churned for hours until the rabri becomes smooth and freezes, and then it’s served as kulfi.

(Pricing Source: Swiggy)

If you’re visiting Kanpur and looking for a souvenir, Thaggu Ke Laddoo is a good pick. Even though the price might seem high, their tagline says it all, “Aisa Koi Saga Nahi, Jisko Hamne Thaga Nahi“, implying that if they can ‘con’ their loved ones, charging a higher price for their products from customers is normal for them. It might not seem like value for money, but it’s a famous item in Kanpur and definitely worth a try.

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Thaggu Ke Laddu Kanpur FAQs

Q1: Who is the founder of Thaggu Ke Laddu?

Ans. Ram Avtar Pandey, also known as Mattha Pandey.

Q2: Where is Thaggu Ke Laddu Kanpur located?

Ans. Thaggu Ke Laddu Kanpur is a brand name with various branches, But its main branch is located at Ursala Emergency Market, Civil Lines, Kanpur.

Q3: Does Thaggu Ke Laddu Kanpur offer home delivery or online ordering?

Ans. Thaggu Ke Laddu Kanpur offers home delivery services for their sweets and snacks. You can find them on platforms like Swiggy & Zomato and order online.

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