Top Motor Driving Schools in Kanpur

Top Motor Driving Schools in Kanpur -

Kanpur’s bustling streets demand proficient driving skills. Fortunately, the city houses numerous top-tier driving schools.

These institutions equip novices and seasoned drivers with crucial road-safety knowledge and practical lessons.

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1. Shanti Motor Driving Training School

Nestled in Nehru Nagar, Shanti Motor Driving School is a top contender in Kanpur. They flaunt an impressive 346 GMB review score.

Students value the school’s well-paced learning approach and the instructors’ patience.


  • Location: 104a 163a, Nehru Nagar, Ram Bagh
  • Contact: 090441 93187
  • Reviews highlight their gradual, balanced learning process.

2. Mahima Motor Driving School

Mahima Motor Driving School, situated in Harsh Nagar, offers unique experimental learning. With an 87 GMB review, students find their approach effective.

The driving instructor’s experience, combined with a humble demeanor, fosters fast learning.


  • Location: 111/102, Chandra Gupta Rd, Near Beech Wala Mandir, Ashok Nagar, Harsh Nagar
  • Contact: 080908 13405
  • Reviews commend the opportunity to drive on busy roads from day one.

3. Bharat Motors Driving Institute

Bharat Motors Driving Institute, based in Kanpur, prides itself on its comprehensive 15-day driving course. The school boasts a GMB review score of 68.

They believe in making the driving learning process enjoyable and efficient.


  • Location: C8G4+R8P, Thakur Complex Karrahi road barra by pass chaurha, near barra thana
  • Contact: 088969 68924
  • Reviews note the clear instructions and friendly nature of the instructor.

4. Sankat Haran Motor Driving Training School

Located in Awas Vikas Keshav Puram, Sankat Haran Motor Driving School offers top-notch training with a GMB review score of 44.

Led by certified instructor Mr. Sachin Gupta, the school provides a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.


  • Location: I-243, Awas Vikas Keshav Puram, Kahdor, Kalyanpur
  • Contact: 094158 05074
  • Reviews highlight Mr. Gupta’s effective and polite teaching style.

5. Best Motor Driving Training School

Best Motor Driving Training School is situated in the heart of Kakadeo and boasts a solid GMB review score of 48. The institution is committed to delivering practical knowledge about driving with a sharp focus on road safety.

Under the supervision of skilled instructor Mr. Amit Singh, the students get to learn driving in a supportive and stress-free environment.


  • Location: 120/500 (24), Lajpat Nagar, Kakadeo
  • Contact: 0512-2500727
  • Reviews highlight Mr. Singh’s patient teaching method and the school’s strong emphasis on road safety.

6. Janta Motor Driving Training School

Janta Motor Driving Training School, located in Lal Bangla, stands out with a GMB review score of 47. The school offers a comprehensive training program designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels.

The lead instructor, Mr. Ramesh Chandra, is celebrated for his easy-to-follow teaching style and ability to instill confidence in his students.


  • Location: Shop No. 87, Singh Engineering College Rd, Sanigawan, Lal Bangla
  • Contact: 094150 47445
  • Reviews underscore Mr. Chandra’s approachable nature and the confidence-building methods used at the school.

7. RTO Approved Motor Driving Training School

RTO Approved Motor Driving Training School is based in Swaroop Nagar and has earned a respectable GMB review score of 65. The school prides itself on its high-quality, RTO-approved training curriculum that helps learners become proficient drivers.

Head instructor, Mr. Deepak Verma, is known for his efficient teaching strategies that prioritize both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


  • Location: 113/121-A, Swaroop Nagar
  • Contact: 0512-2548666
  • Reviews emphasize the school’s well-rounded curriculum and Mr. Verma’s effective teaching approach.

8. Gyan Motor Driving Training School

Gyan Motor Driving Training School, situated in Kalyanpur, stands with a GMB review score of 75. This school is renowned for its holistic approach to teaching driving, combining technical knowledge with hands-on experience.

Led by experienced instructor Mr. Anil Gupta, learners benefit from his patient and clear instruction, which boosts their confidence behind the wheel.


  • Location: Ratan Lal Nagar, Kalyanpur
  • Contact: 0512-2242659
  • Reviews highlight Mr. Gupta’s supportive teaching style and the school’s comprehensive training program.

9. Swaraj Motor Driving Training School

Perched in Barra, Swaraj Motor Driving Training School boasts a commendable GMB review score of 98. The school’s strength lies in its personalized training modules that accommodate learners of different skill levels.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, the head instructor, is admired for his professional teaching methods that blend in-depth theory and extensive hands-on training.


  • Location: Plot No 128, Barra
  • Contact: 0512-2682345
  • Reviews appreciate Mr. Kumar’s adaptive teaching style and the school’s focus on individual learning needs.

10. Krishna Motor Driving Training School

Krishna Motor Driving Training School, located in Azad Nagar, has garnered a GMB review score of 110. This school is renowned for its structured curriculum, which provides a solid foundation for novice drivers and advanced instruction for experienced ones.

Led by seasoned instructor Mr. Sudhir Singh, students receive well-rounded guidance that elevates their driving proficiency and confidence on the road.


  • Location: 128/10, H-2 Block, Kidwai Nagar, Azad Nagar
  • Contact: 094151 48487
  • Reviews highlight Mr. Singh’s comprehensive teaching method and the school’s systematic training approach.


In Kanpur, there are several notable driving schools that stand out. These schools focus on providing a quality education to help you become a confident driver.

Each of the ten schools we listed offers a unique approach to learning. By choosing the right one, you can ensure a safe and effective driving education.

Remember, finding the right driving school is key to becoming a skilled driver. So take your time, do your homework, and pick the one that suits you best. Happy driving!

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