Top 10 NGOs in Kanpur

Top 10 NGOs in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the happiest cities in the world and is known for its vibrant leather industry, delicious food, and monumental architecture. Behind its cheerfulness are some veiled heroes who work day and night to make the city cleaner, greener, and happier.

These are some small NGOs in Kanpur. But they play a big role in changing how Kanpur looks, grows, and breathes! According to a survey conducted by Kanpur Municipal Corporation, almost 78% of the population has benefited from the initiatives taken by the NGOs in the city. These organizations have solved the problems of hunger, poverty, environmental damage, and unemployment in the city in just a few years.

Are you looking forward to being a part of Kanpur’s change revolution? Then, we have listed some amazing NGOs that you can join today. These organizations are chosen based on some key factors, including the social impact they made, innovative ideas they undertook, and sustainability measures they worked for.

Let’s check them out one by one.

Disclaimer: Selections are derived from Google My Business data, online reviews, public engagement, and other internet resources.

1)- Kanpur Ploggers

Kanpur Ploggers are the eco-warriors of Kanpur. They are on a mission to clean the ghats of Ganga selflessly. Led by dentist Sanjeevani Sharma since 2021, these eco-warriors have successfully removed 120k pounds of trash from the shores of Ganga. Kanpur Ploggers used Plogging to rid the city of single-use plastic.

Note: Plogging is a blend of jogging with plastic picking

They did it through 150+ plogging drives. They are currently a community of 450+ volunteers. Kanpur Ploggers inspire us all to move towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices. So next time you think of going for a jog, try logging !

  • Location: Ganges Barrage, Katarijiyora Nawab Ganj, Gangotri Twp, Uttar Pradesh 208002
  • Website:

2)- Parivartan Kanpur

Anil Gupta, an IITian turned changemaker, started Kanpur Parivartan Forum in collaboration with Kanpur Nagar Nigam that aims to make Kanpur the cleanest city in India. They provide sustainable solutions to the wastage problem of Kanpur and focus on the overall holistic improvement of the city. 

Parivartan Kanpur has conducted various greenathons, sweeping campaigns, and waste reduction drives to make the city greener and cleaner. So, if you want to be part of this change and make a difference, join Parivartan Kanpur and drive the change. 

  • Location:  Flat No. 02, Shipra Apartment, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002
  • Website:

3)- The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army is a zero-fund organization tackling food wastage. These volunteers, known as “Robins,” collect surplus food from hotels and restaurants and give it to those in need. 

They aim to stop food from being wasted in the city and ensure everyone has something to eat.. The Robin Hood Army has successfully served up to  141 million meals. The team is working in over 406 cities worldwide. Join their fulfilling initiative and feed the hungry in need.

4)- Shramik Bharti Foundation

Shramik Bharti is an NGO founded in 1986 that is working to improve the lives of the underprivileged. It does this by strengthening natural resource-based farming. Over 1500+ farmers have adopted their natural farming techniques.

It also provides education and sanitation in rural areas. Also, Shramik Bharti dedicatedly creates awareness about quality education and hygiene in the city. Build the change that lasts long with them.

5)- Bezubaan Foundation

Bezubaan is an animal NGO that rescues distressed animals. It was founded by Vivek Tiwari and Vishesh Tiwari, two animal lovers. 

They took the responsibility of rescuing injured, amputee, blind, and paralyzed animals. They sheltered them and created the happiest animal sanctuary in the city. So next time you find an injured animal, don’t just pass by. Contact the Bezubaan Foundation to rescue or adopt them.

  • Location: VC Motors Mahindra showroom, in front of maple bear Canadian school, Fazalganj Industrial Estate, Fazalganj, Shastri Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002
  • Website:

6)- Madad Ki Raah

 Madad ki Raah Foundation follows a philosophy: kindness is not an act but a lifestyle. Through its work, it is changing lives. It helps the underprivileged, promotes women’s empowerment, runs charities and blood donation camps, gives free education to the poor, and feeds street animals. 

Madad Ki Raah is an inspiring pillar of humanity who has significantly changed the lives of 1000+ people in the city. So give a helping hand to those in need and do a positive deed with them.

  • Location: 40/23,Naya Chowk, Parade, Kanpur, India, Uttar Pradesh
  • Contact:  079054 16407

7)- Prayas Welfare Foundation

Prayas Welfare Foundation is working towards the upliftment of underprivileged children and women. The NGO tirelessly provides shelter, education, and healthcare to all street children and women from poor families. 

They also provide vocational training free of cost so that each child can be empowered and move towards a successful life. It’s a Prayas towards development and happiness!

8)- Jeevan Se Jeevan Foundation

Sparking the hope for marginalized communities of Kanpur, the Jeevan se Jeevan foundation promotes holistic development. They focus mainly on people from the slums of the city and help senior citizens and women build their lives from scratch. 

The NGO has made huge progress in ending rural poverty by adding skill programs. As the saying goes, by making one life better, Jeevan Se Jeevan is also improving many others.

  • Location: Kazi Khera Lal Bunglow, 467 A, near vishwas xray, Lal Bangla, Krishna Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208007
  • Contact: 09336272001

9)- Sanjeevani Welfare Foundation

Sanjeevani Welfare Foundation has worked for the welfare of people in rural communities since 2010. The NGO provides medical aid to all who are in need. They have led medical awareness camps, free checkups, and vaccination drives throughout the city. 

Sanjeevani Foundation also provides financial assistance for medical surgeries to make the city healthy and safe.

  • Location: Gautam Market, 49, Barra 2 Main Rd, Barra 2, Barra World Bank, Barra, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208027
  • Contact: 09839603284

10)- Kanpur Queer Welfare Foundation

Kanpur Queer Welfare Foundation takes a step towards inclusivity and culture. It is working to improve the Queer community in Kanpur. It was established in 2018. 

The NGO  provides support services, education, advocacy, and community activities to help the LGBTQ community feel valued and understood.

  • Location: 232/1 Anuj Pandey Marg, Sanigawan Rd, Police Chowki, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208021
  • Contact: 08090571020

These ten NGOs are just a few of the many unsung heroes among the organizations working to make Kanpur a happy and vibrant city. Yet their small initiatives are playing a significant role in transforming the overall outlook of the people in Kanpur. 

These are very tiny steps toward change, but they inspire us to start something new. One helping hand can save thousands of lives. Keeping that in mind, let’s support them by volunteering and donating so that their kite of effort never backs down. 

If you think we have missed any valuable NGO working towards making a difference, then please share it here, and we’ll get that added soon. Remember, CHANGE STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP!

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