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Hey there, Movie Bluffs!! Are you excited about the release of your favorite superstar’s most awaited film? Are you thinking about catching it in the best theaters in Kanpur to elevate your cinematic experience?

In a world where people prefer “Netflix and Chill,” going to the movies isn’t as common as it was pre-COVID. But there is something special about movie theaters: they provide you with a kind of actual experience with 3D, 7D, and laser technology experiences with motion and effects on a big screen that you can’t experience in your living room.

Whether it is some Bollywood drama, Hollywood thrillers, or international award-winning films, watching all these with the latest technology like Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS, and comfortable seats, all of this at affordable prices, makes it truly special.

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Let’s discuss in more detail which movie theaters are best for you.

1. INOX Leisure Kanpur

1. INOX Leisure Kanpur

INOX Cinemas in Z Square is the most famous and preferred place to watch movies in Kanpur. It’s known for its world-class technology and luxurious seating arrangement. It has consistently been a favorite among all Indian cinema lovers because of its top-notch movie experience.

INOX is a great multiplex chain that offers India’s first ScreenX and MX4D® Theater Effects. It’s also the first cinema chain in India to have a Laserplex with laser projection on all screens. They have something for everyone, like INSIGNIA for a 7-star experience, KIDDLES for young audiences, CLUB for a luxury experience, and BIG PIX for a premium giant-screen cinema.

The interior design of INOX is impressive. When you go there, you’ll experience a luxurious atmosphere with comfy seats and excellent air conditioning. INOX offers you a high-end sound system that’ll make your movie experience even more exciting.

They serve good quality, clean, and hygienic food, which you can order from your seat. You can also book tickets online through their website or apps like BookMyShow and can buy gift cards for INOX  or take part in the contest organized by INOX.

INOX is the convenient and enjoyable choice for all the cinema lovers in the city, offering you comfort, luxury, and cutting-edge technology.

  • Location:  d Floor, Z-Square Mall, Bada Chauraha Mahatma Gandhi Road, Downtown, Kanpur
  • Timing:
    • First show at 3:00 pm
    • Last show at 9:30 pm
  • Rating: 4.3/5  (GMB)

2.  PVR Cinemax Kanpur

2. PVR Cinemax Kanpur

PVR Cinemax in Kanpur stands as India’s largest and most fanciest cinema chain. When you enter a PVR, you’re in for an enjoyable experience. 

PVR Kanpur offers a wide range of unique features that make your movie experience more exciting, like IMAX for an impressive experience,  MX4D to enjoy the 4D cinema experience with motion and effects, Insignia for a 7-star luxurious experience, and Laser technology for stunning picture quality. You can choose between Gold Standard and Club Standard tickets for a great movie night. 

The Cinemax has a giant screen with top-notch picture quality, Dolby Atmos advanced sound system, laser-aligned speakers, and a dual projection system. Theaters are always clean and hygienic and are air-conditioned.

PVR is not all about tech and fancy stuff; it’s affordable too. You can enjoy both Indian and international movies while munching on gourmet food and relaxing in comfy recliner seats. The staff at PVR is friendly and helpful and always there to assist you.

Kanpur has two PVRs, PVR Cinemax in South X Mall, Kidwai Nagar, and PVR Deep Cinemas in Saket Nagar. The whole vibe of the PVR Cinemax is so great, and it promises you a top-notch movie experience.

  • Location:
    • PVR Cinemax South X Mall, South X Mall Plot No.9 Kidwai Nagar   
    • Bypass Road near Baba Khutti, O Block, Scheme II, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur
    • PVR Deep Cinemas, Shop No.23, 127/1/2, Gaushala Rd, W-1, Juhi Kalan, Saket Nagar, Kanpur
  • Timing:
    • For PVR South X
      • First show at 3:30 pm
      • Last Show at 10:00 pm
    • For PVR Deep Cinemas
      • Last show at 10:55 pm
  • Rating:
    • 4.1/5  (GMB) PVR South X
    • 4.3/5  (GMB) PVR Deep Cinemas 

3. NY Cinemas Kanpur

3. NY Cinemas Kanpur

NY Cinemas in Kanpur, formerly known as Heer Palace, is now owned by Ajay Devgan and is named after the actor’s kids, Nysa and Yug. 

Ajay Devgan started this multiplex business with the idea to open a unique, special kind of movie theater that’s different from others in India. 

NY Cinemas has 3 theaters with 3D screens. The theaters are very spacious with comfortable and clean seats, massive screen size, and offer incredible sound quality with Dolby Atmos. They also have a cafeteria serving a variety of food items for you to munch on while you catch the latest releases.

At NY cinemas, you can enjoy all these unique features and attractions at budget-friendly prices. NY Cinemas chain is spread across 11 cities, and Kanpur is the fifth city in Uttar Pradesh to have one.

With excellent lighting, interior design, and polite staff, the new look of Heer Place, i.e., NY cinemas, looks much more modern and futuristic than the old Heer Palace.

  • Location: Heer Palace, The Mall Rd, Sadr Bazaar, Downtown, Kanpur
  • Timing:
    • First show at 3:45 pm
    • Last show at 10:30 pm
  • Rating: 3.7/5  (GMB)

4. Movietime Cinemas Kanpur

4. Movietime Cinemas Kanpur

Movietimes Cinemas is also one of the most loved multiplex chains in Kanpur and is known for its budget-friendly prices and comfortable seating. Movietime Cinemas has 2 locations in Kanpur, in Ratan Himachal Mall, and Ratan Elegance Mall.

This movie theater has impressive screens and spacious halls, comfortable seats, and top-notch sound effects, all giving you the best audio and visual experience. They serve delicious food, and you can order it from your seat.

The staff at Movietime Cinemas is very polite and helpful and keeps the place clean and hygienic so that you can enjoy your movie in a comfortable environment. The cinema hall has a pleasant ambiance, with modern decor.

The tickets to watch a movie here won’t cost you a fortune either; they are pretty affordable. They also offer you bulk booking options, which can be very convenient.

Being the most preferred choice of people, Movietime Cinemas is one of India’s oldest multiplex chains and has consistently improved over the years. 

  • Location:
    • 119/83, Kaushal Puri Darshan, Ratan Himanchal Mall Purwa, Gumti No.5, Kanpur
    • Ratan Elegance Mall, Afim Kothi, Rai Purwa, Kanpur
  • Timing:
    • For Movietime Ratan Himachal
      • The first show at 4:15 pm
      • Last show at 10:30 pm
    • For Movietime Ratan Elegance
      • The first show at 5:20 pm
    •  Last show at 10:50 pm
  • Rating:
    • 4.3/5 (GMB) Movietime Ratan Himachal
    • 3.8/5 (GMB)  Movietime Ratan Elegance

5. Miraj Cinemas Gurdev Pammi Kanpur

5. Miraj Cinemas Gurdev Pammi Kanpur

Miraz Cinemas is one of Kanpur’s famous and fastest-growing cinema chain theaters known for its entertainment offerings and diverse movie selections.

Miraz Cinemas provides excellent cinema services with the best sound quality and an outstanding visual experience at an affordable price. You can watch movies in either 2D or 3D, depending on your preference.

The cinema uses modern technology, like digital sound systems and computerized ticket sales, to make your visit smooth and convenient.

Miraz Cinemas offers you a luxurious theater with comfortable seats, high-tech sound effects, a big screen, delicious snacks, and hygienic and friendly staff, making your overall movie experience top-notch.

  • Location: 181-184, Gurdev Palace Complex, GT Rd, Lakhanpur, Kanpur
  • Timing: 
    • The first show at 3:45 pm
    • Last show at 9:55 pm
  • Rating: 3.8/5 (GMB)

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