15 Best Places for Couples in Lucknow

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Many people have different definitions of romance, and there is no exact answer for that but the City of Nawabs has plenty of beautiful spots that are ideal for couples who want to spend some quality time together.

Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary or simply seeking quality time together, Lucknow city has plenty to offer for every type of couple.

From beautiful historical sites and luxurious romantic restaurants to peaceful nature parks and gardens, Lucknow has it all.

Check out our recommendations for the best places for couples in Lucknow and enjoy your getaway with your partner.

Disclaimer: Selections are derived from Google My Business data, online reviews, public engagement, and other internet resources.

Best Parks for Couples in Lucknow

Lucknow has beautiful parks and gardens that make the ideal getaway places for couples looking to spend quality time in nature’s lap. Below we have listed wonderful places for romantic retreat surrounded by greenery, peaceful lakes and breathtaking views: 

1. Gomti Riverfront Park, Lucknow

1. Gomti Riverfront Park - Best Parks for Couples in Lucknow

Lucknow’s Gomti Riverfront Park is nestled along the calm banks of the Gomti River. This well-known Lucknow destination offers a lovely environment for couples to enjoy their time together.

Gomti Riverfront Park is a perfect blend of artificial wonders and natural beauty. This park offers a pleasant getaway for couples with its beautiful surroundings, a 15-kilometer waterfront walkway, and a wide range of delightful activities like boating and pathways for jogging and bicycling.

The park also has a large amphitheater, ideal for romantic get-togethers and a musical fountain with colorful lighting, which looks beautiful at night, creating a romantic vibe.

The park offers breathtaking views of the river and Lucknow’s beautiful cityscape, thus making it a perfect spot for a romantic outing.

  • Location: VX2C+PGX, Jiamau, Lucknow
  • Timing: 6:00 am- 10:00 pm 
  • Price Range: Rs 10 per person
  • Reviews: 4.3/5  (GMB)

2. Kukrail Forest Reserve, Lucknow

2. Kukrail Forest Reserve - Best Parks for Couples in Lucknow

The Kukrail Forest Reserve, established in 1950, is an excellent natural escape situated on the outskirts of Lucknow. This beautiful area is a cherished place for couples who love nature and wildlife.

Spreading across a vast area, Kukrail Forest Reserve is home to one of India’s most essential crocodile nurseries and a deer park. This unique fusion of nature and wildlife makes for a fantastic experience for couples.

The reserve provides a romantic haven with a breathtaking natural setting. This beautiful place is perfect for an intimate day out because it has vast parks, a clean cafeteria, and a peaceful rest house.

What truly sets Kukrail Forest apart from others is the amount of activities it has. Couples can indulge in bird-watching, embark on picturesque hikes, or simply enjoy a leisurely nature walk hand in hand. 

Kukrail Forest Reserve is one of the best places for couples in Lucknow, giving them a chance to interact with each other in a pure natural setting and escape the rush of city life.

  • Location: Indira Nagar, Near Shivpuri Colony, Lucknow
  • Timing: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Price Range: No entry fees
  • Reviews: 4.1/5  (GMB)

3. Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lucknow

3. Janeshwar Mishra Park - Best Parks for Couples in Lucknow

Janeshwar Mishra Park is situated in the centre of Gomti Nagar. It is a paradise for couples looking for a romantic getaway in the city and a true haven for nature lovers. 

Spread over 376 acres of beautiful green space, this park is the largest in Asia. Couples can enjoy a variety of activities here to spend quality time together.

The park is surrounded by lush greenery, multiple lakes and vibrant flowers that add to its pleasant atmosphere. Exciting water shows and romantic gondola boat rides add to the park’s attraction. In addition to these, Janeshwar Mishra Park also hosts musical performances and cultural shows, making for an exciting, fun date night for couples.

The park welcomes couples to relax and enjoy each other’s company while enjoying natural beauty. Janeshwar Park offers specific picnic spots with benches, tables, and gazebos for a more private environment. 

Janeshwar Mishra Park is one of the ideal spots for couples in Lucknow to relax and enjoy their time together.

  • Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
  • Timing: 5:00 am- 7:30 pm
  • Price Range: Rs 10 per person 
  • Reviews: 4.4/5  (GMB)

4. Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Zoological Garden, Lucknow

4. Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Zoological Garden - Best Parks for Couples in Lucknow

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden, also known as Lucknow Zoo, is a beautiful destination for couples in Lucknow. Covering 71.6 acres of land, the zoo offers the perfect environment for couples to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

They can together explore various animals such as rare white Bengal tigers, bears, lions, and elephants. Couples can enjoy fun activities like riding the toy train, wandering around the butterfly garden, or going for a relaxing paddle boat ride.

If your partner is interested in culture and history, explore the Awadh artifacts at the museum. The zoo also has a food court and canteen to ensure you and your partner are well-fueled for your trip when hunger hits. 

The zoo also offers educational events to learn about conservation and animal behavior.

Lucknow Zoo isn’t just a place to see animals; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, learn, and appreciate the significance of conservation. So, if you and your partner are wildlife lovers, this zoo is a must-visit for a romantic and educational experience in Lucknow.

  • Location: near Civil Hospital, Narhi, Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Timing: 8:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Price Range:
    • Rs 40 per head (5-12 years children)
    • Rs 80 per head (12 years and above)
  • Reviews: 4.3/5 (GMB)

5. Ambedkar Park, Lucknow

5. Ambedkar Park - Best Parks for Couples in Lucknow

Ambedkar Park, also known as Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Prateek Sthal, is a great destination for couples in Lucknow. Located in Gomti Nagar’s Vipul Khand, this public park and memorial offer a unique and romantic experience.

This park was built honouring Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and other great leaders. It has 124 giant elephant statues scattered across the landscape that will captivate you.

Couples from Lucknow often visit here to spend memorable times together and enjoy the beautiful architecture and monuments. The Ambedkar Stupa, Dr Bhimrao Ambedhkar Samajik Parivartan Sangrahalaya and  Pratibimb Sthal are some of the main attractions of the park.

The 80-foot-tall pyramid-shaped Memorial Drashya Sthal offers a fantastic view of the entire park, including the temples, buildings, and surroundings with flowing water.

The park comes to life at night with stunning lights, which adds to its beauty and makes it the perfect location for a romantic walk.

With its majestic statues and calm atmosphere, Ambedkar Park is one of the best places for couples to cherish romantic moments in Lucknow.

  • Location: Vipul Khand 2, Vipul Khand 3, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
  • Timing: 11:00 am- 9:00 pm 
  • Price Range: Rs 20 per person
  • Reviews: 4.3/5  (GMB)

Best Historical Places for Couples in Lucknow

Add a romantic touch to your getaway and visit fascinating historical monuments of Lucknow. Here is a list of beautiful historical monuments that you can visit with your partner and learn about its rich history:

1. British Residency, Lucknow

1. British Residency - Best Historical Places for Couples in Lucknow

The British Residency in Lucknow is a perfect spot for couples to visit. It’s the perfect destination for couples to explore together because of its long history and fascinating museums. The museum has artifacts from the past, making it attractive for couples who like history. 

The well-maintained grounds offer a lovely setting for a walk with your partner, and the occasional cultural events bring energy into this place.  

The mix of European and Indian architecture, along with lush green gardens and vibrant flowers, creates a picturesque atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for couples to click pictures together.                                                                                                                                                                                            

British Residency is one of the best places in Lucknow for couples to take a romantic holiday and learn about the history of the city at the same time.

  • Location: VW6G+7P3, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Deep Manak Nagar, Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow
  • Timing: 7:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Price Range: Rs 25 per person (Indian)
  • Reviews: 4.3/5  (GMB)

2. Rumi Darwaza, Lucknow

2. Rumi Darwaza - Best Historical Places for Couples in Lucknow

Rumi Darwaza is an architectural wonder located in the centre of Lucknow. It is one of the best places for couples to experience romance, history and stunning beauty all at once. 

Constructed in the 18th century, Rumi Darwaza is a 60-foot tall doorway that is proof of the beauty of Awadhi architecture. Its extraordinary patterns and intricate details make it a sight to behold.

Rumi Darwaza is often referred to as the ” Turkish Gate” because of its striking similarity to Istanbul’s Sublime Porte.  

It is located between Bada Imambara and Chota Imambara. Rumi Darwaza’s surrounding area illuminates at night and creates a romantic atmosphere that attracts couples to wander quietly and take in the city’s beautiful architecture and history.

  • Location: 17/11 Hussainabad Road, Lajpat Nagar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, Machchhi Bhavan, Lucknow
  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • Price Range: No entry fee
  • Reviews: 4.5/5 (GMB)

3. Dilkusha Kothi, Lucknow

3. Dilkusha Kothi - Best Historical Places for Couples in Lucknow

Located in a huge green park, Dilkusha Kothi is one of the best places for couples for a quiet and romantic getaway in Lucknow.

It is also known as the English home or Vilayati Kothi. Dilkusha Kothi was the Nawab’s farmhouse and a site he loved very much, which is why it’s called “Dil Kusha,” meaning “happy heart.”

Constructed in the 18th century in European-Gothic style, this place is surrounded by a wide variety of flowers and lush greenery. Thus making it an ideal spot for the couples to spend some quality time with each partner.

Dilkusha Kothi is the place to go if you and your partner wish to re-discover your love and find happiness in the embrace of nature.

  • Location: RXH7+FV5, Bibiapur Marg, Neil Lines, Cantonment, Lucknow
  • Timing: 8:00 am- 7:00 pm
  • Price Range: No entry fee
  • Reviews: 4.3/5 (GMB)

4. Chota Imambara, Lucknow

4. Chota Imambara - Best Historical Places for Couples in Lucknow

Chota Imambara, also called Hussainabad Imambara, is a beautiful historical site first constructed as a tomb for the Nawab of Lucknow, Muhammad Ali Shah Bahadur, and his mother. 

This architectural wonder is a white building with a golden dome surrounded by elegant minarets on a raised platform. With its wide gardens, beautiful hanging lights, and rich interior design, it provides couples with a unique and romantic experience. 

You and your partner can explore the religious and cultural aspects of the Nawabs’ lives by displaying intricate tazias used in rituals. A treasury, the Shahi hammam, the Satkhanda, and a princess’s tomb are among the other sights that couples can visit together. 

Chota Imambara combines history, architecture, and romance, making it a perfect destination for couples in Lucknow looking for a rich cultural experience

  • Location: 447, Husainabad, Lucknow
  • Timing: 7:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Price Range: Rs 25 per person ( For Indians)
  • Reviews: 4.5/5 (GMB)

5. Sikandar Bagh, Lucknow

5. Sikandar Bagh - Best Historical Places for Couples in Lucknow

Sikandar Bagh in Lucknow is also one of the ideal locations for couples to spend quality time together. 120 square yards make up this historic garden, which Nawab Wajid Ali Shah first constructed as a summer getaway.

It used to be an active centre of culture that hosted plays, concerts, dances, and poetry events all year round. It is now a peaceful haven that draws tourists of all ages. Couples can take strolls, engage in activities, and relax in the peaceful atmosphere. 

Sikandar Bagh offers a fantastic experience whether you or your partner is interested in its history or just want to get away from it all in peace.

Its stunning architecture makes Sikandar Bagh a romantic and culturally rich location where couples can make unforgettable memories.

  • Location:  VX42+6XR, Ashok Marg, Gokhale Vihar, Civil Lines, Lucknow
  • Timing: 5:00 am- 8:00 pm
  • Price Range: No entry fee
  • Reviews: 4.1/5 (GMB)

Best Romantic Restaurants  for Couples in Lucknow

The City of Nawabs boasts a selection of luxurious restaurants for couples to enjoy a memorable dining experience together. Here’s a list of some amazing restaurants where you plan a romantic date for your loved one: 

1. Oudhyana by Taj Hotels, Lucknow

1. Oudhyana by Taj Hotels - Best Romantic Restaurants for Couples in Lucknow

Oudhyana Restaurant, housed inside the luxurious Taj Mahal Hotel, is the ultimate dining destination for couples in Lucknow. 

The restaurant gives you a royal vibe, and the live music performance enhances the romantic atmosphere. 

Oudhyana restaurant is the best place for you to have a candlelight dinner with your partner and enjoy the wonderful setting and the Nawabi ambiance. The restaurant’s delicious food will please your taste buds.

If you and your partner are a big fan of Mughlai and Awadhi cuisines, then the restaurant’s tasty kebabs and flavorful gravies will take you back to the Mughal era.

  • Location:  Taj Mahal Lucknow, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
  • Timing:
    • 12:30 pm- 2:45 pm
    • 7:30 pm- 11:30 pm
  • Price Range:  ₹3,500 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.4/5  (GMB)

2. Rocca ( Hyatt Regency), Lucknow

2. Rocca ( Hyatt regency) - Best Romantic Restaurants for Couples in Lucknow

Brought to you by Hyatt Regency, Rocca Restaurant is the perfect location for a romantic date. Imagine yourself and your partner experiencing royal treatment in a lavish place, similar to a 5-star hotel. Rocca is exactly that!

The restaurant offers European cuisine and a delicious combination of Italian and North Indian cuisines. They also serve an attractive dessert buffet and a variety of alcoholic drinks.

The restaurant is the ideal location for a candlelight dinner or for any other special romantic occasion because of its lovely atmosphere, which includes soft lighting, modern decor, and comfortable seating. 

The Rocca restaurant goes the extra mile to create a truly magical experience for couples looking for an unforgettable and romantic dining set-up.

  • Location:  First Floor, Hyatt Regency, Lucknow
  • Timing: 7:00 am-11:00 pm
  • Price Range:  ₹3,000 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.6/5 (GMB)

3. Spice Caves, Lucknow

3. Spice Caves - Best Romantic Restaurants for Couples in Lucknow

Spice Caves is also one of the most loved romantic restaurants for couples in Lucknow. It’s a cave-themed restaurant with beautifully carved rock walls that provide a unique and comfortable ambiance.

The atmosphere here is ideal for couples, with quiet music, dark lighting, gorgeous plants, and tribal sculptures, setting the perfect mood for couples. 

This unique theme-based restaurant serves delicious Chinese, Mughlai, and North Indian cuisines. Private cabins are available for couples to enjoy precious moments together while enjoying delicious food.

Spice Caves is, without a doubt, one of the best romantic restaurants for couples looking for a memorable dinner experience.

  • Location: 1st Floor, 4/293, Patrakar Puram Rd, above Samsung Showroom, Vivek Khand 2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow,
  • Timing: 11:00 am- 11:30 pm
  • Price Range: ₹1,000 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4/5 (GMB)

4. Azrak by Lebua, Lucknow

4. Azrak by Lebua - Best Romantic Restaurants for Couples in Lucknow

Azrak restaurant, by the 4-star Lebua Hotel, is the ideal location for couples in Lucknow. With its excellent cuisines that include Hyderabadi, North Indian, Awadhi, and Continental and its beautiful ambience, it provides a romantic dining experience. 

The restaurant’s lovely touches, like, chikan block knobs, handcrafted Moroccan flooring and antique furniture, will take you and your partner back in time.

Azrak provides you with both indoor and outdoor seating. You can choose seating according to your mood and comfort. Both areas are designed to create a romantic atmosphere so that couples can enjoy their quality time together and have a memorable experience at Azra.

  • Location: RWMX+M77, Sarva Palli, The Mall Avenue, Lucknow
  • Timing: 6:30 am- 12:30 am
  • Price Range: ₹3,000 for two people (approx.)
  • Reviews: 4.1/5  (GMB) 

5. FalakNuma (Clarks Awadh), Lucknow

5. FalakNuma (Clarks Awadh) - Best Romantic Restaurants for Couples in Lucknow

Falaknuma restaurant is a wonderful romantic place for couples in Lucknow. It is located on the rooftop of the lavish 5-star Hotel Clarks Avadh and offers breathtaking city views. 

The restaurant’s decor is beautiful, showcasing Lucknow’s charm. It’s the perfect spot for couples to click pictures and create memories together. 

The most amazing North Indian and Lucknow food can be found at Falaknuma. You and your partner can enjoy your romantic dinner with live ghazal performances. 

Falaknuma Restaurant is the ideal choice for a delightful and romantic dining experience.

  • Location:  Hotel Clarks Avadh, 8, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Timing:
    • 12:30 pm- 3:00 pm
    • 7:30 pm- 11:00 pm
  • Price Range: ₹3,000 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4/5  (GMB)

This was the list of the Best places for Couples in Lucknow. How many of these have you visited or which ones you’ll be going to now? Feel free to share your experience with us.

And yes, if you’ve some more recommendations or didn’t find your favorite place in the list then please share it here and we’ll get that added soon.

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