Amrapali Water Park | Best Water Park of Lucknow


Tondan Marg, Sahilamau, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Mon - Sun | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Type of Place

Adventure Water Park

Entry Fees

Rs 500 - 1,000

Time To Explore

1 - 4 Hours

Place Good For

Friends, Family, Kids, Couples

Amrapali Water Park - Best Water Park of Lucknow - OUP Places

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Lucknow’s Amrapali Water Park is the go-to location for a memorable day of enjoyment and relaxation and is also an ideal place for people of every age. It’s the perfect destination for family and friends seeking an exciting day of water rides and outdoor fun. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking to relax by the pool, this unique water park captures everyone’s mind with its magic.

Located on Hardoi Road, Sahilamau, Amraplai water park started in 2022, bringing with it infinite happiness and enjoyment for all. This park covers a vast area of 15 acres with pretty gardens all around. 

The water park has around 18 water slides, each offering you unique fun and adventure. The rides in the amusement park use the latest technologies that capture the imaginations of all visitors.

Let’s first look into the attractions and facilities of the Water Park.

Special attractions of Amrapali Water Park

  • Dance the night away with a DJ who never stops playing. It’s an idea for people who enjoy dancing to the music.
  • Amrapali Water Park gives you a chance to enjoy 18 different water slides, where each slide offers you a different level of fun and excitement.
  • The Aqua Trail, Crazy Cruise, Black Hole, and Float Side are some of the popular rides. Besides that, merry-go-rounds, roller coasters and swimming and splash pools are also the top attractions of Amrapali Water Park.
  • Amrapali Water Park in Lucknow is family-friendly. It has something for everyone, where children can enjoy the camel rides and seniors can go for paddle boats.
  • Air-conditioned cottages are offered for families who want to relax after all the excitement. 
  • The park also organizes theme parties as per client requests.

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Some Facilities of Amrapali Water Park

  • Park offers the facility of hiring swimming costumes
  • On purchase of 4 tickets, 1 locker facility is available 
  • Lunch and snacks are available for all visitors.

Entry fee and timing of Amrapali Water Park

Ticket price Children(70 cm-120 cm)Adults
Weekdays (Monday to Friday)Includes: all water rides + amusement park + 1 plate food + 1 costumeRs 500 per personRs 600 per person
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)Includes: all water rides + amusement park + 1 plate food + 1 costumeRs 650 per personRs 750 per person
  • Kids below 70 cm — free ticket
  • You can also apply for GREEN CARD for just Rs 1000 where you can get unlimited entry for three till 31st December 2023.

Timing for Amrapali water park is from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Timing for Amrapali amusement park is 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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How to reach Amrapali Water Park

  • By Airport: The distance between Amrapali Water Park and Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport is 34.2 km and it takes almost 1 hr to reach there.
  • By Railway: The distance between Amrapali Water Park and Lucknow station is 24.9 km and it takes around 70 min to reach there.
  • By Bus: The distance between Amrapali Water Park and Charbagh bus station is 30.8 km and it takes approx 1 hr to reach there.


Q1: Does the costume include the ticket price?

Ans. Yes, costume is included in the ticket price.

Q2: How much area does Amrapali Water Park cover?

Ans. The water park covers 15 acres of the land.

Q3: What is the cost of Amrapali Water Park per person?

Ans. The ticket price for adults is Rs 600 on weekdays and Rs 750 on weekends.
The ticket price for children is Rs 500 on weekdays and Rs 650 on weekends.

Q4: Where Amrapali Water Park is located?

Ans. The park is located on Hardoi Road, Sahilamau, Malihabad.

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