Top Influencers from Kanpur

Top Influencers from Kanpur -

Wanted to explore more about Kanpur and its culture. Best places to get your favorite food or want to promote your brand. Kanpur’s passionate Influencers can help you with all these things together.

We’ve done research and found some of the most favorite Instagram and YouTube Influencers from Kanpur who are liked by thousands of people around Kanpur.

Note: We’ve shortlisted the Influencers with the number of followers or Subscribers they have. And this study was done on 4th Oct, 2024.

1. Saumya Tandon (littlethingsaboutmylife)

Little things about my life” is a popular Instagram page of Kanpur handled by “Saumya Tandon.”

She makes content on various topics like ideal spots for couples’ outings, family dining places, best shopping destinations, festive celebrations, famous monuments of Kanpur, and much more.  

Whether you’re looking for the tastiest street food or the perfect hangout spot with friends, she has got you covered. 

Her friendly style of presenting her content makes you feel like you know her personally.

You can follow her on Instagram.

2. Neha Duseja (nehadusejamua)

Neha Duseja is a well-known makeup artist and influencer in Kanpur. She is famous for her vlogs, where she discusses beauty and fashion, the top attractions in Kanpur, picture-perfect restaurants, and the yummiest street strolls for foodies. 

Her Instagram account feed is filled with makeup tutorials, videos, and transformations. She also enjoys trying new foods, from excellent desi paranthas to international meals.

Neha is a versatile and influential influencer in Kanpur who informs her followers about the deals and offers recommendations on where to shop next!

Check out her inviting Instagram feed, and you’ll know what we’re talking about here! 

3. Krati Jaiswal (Foodoniac)

Krati is a hardcore foodie, and her craze for food shines visibly on her Instagram handle, “Foodoniac.”

If you’re craving chatpata street food like chole bhature, buttery pav bhaji, tangy golgappas, spicy chaat, and momos or creamy sweet lassi, you must check out Krati’s Foodoniac.

Her feed is a feast for the eyes, filled with mouth-watering and tempting dishes. Krati loves to discover different cuisines, explore different restaurants and new cafes, and share affordable street food stalls.

She also shares the best places to shop and visit in Kanpur. So, if you too are a food lover, go check out her Instagram feed and discover the best spots to please your cravings.

4. Kanpuriya Bhaiya

One of the oldest and most famous OG Influencers of Kanpur City, Kanpuriya Bhaiya is your go-to source for all things in Kanpur.

From showcasing Kanpur city’s rich food history to its festive highlights, Kanpuriya Bhaiya highlights exciting facts about Kanpur’s culture.

Through their camera lens, they capture the city’s beautiful infrastructure and monuments. Kanpuriya Bhaiya is also famous for creating funny memes about the Kanpuriya people and their accents. 

They even have a YouTube channel with the same name, ” Kanpuriya Bhaiya”,

Highlighting Kanpur’s lifestyle and culture for 12 years, the Influencers have even collaborated with certain popular brands.

Follow them up for a taste of Kanpur’s essence and celebrate these Kanpur Kings!

5. Kanpuriya Kisse 

Kanpuriya Kisse highlights all the lovely aspects that make Kanpur unique. Whether it’s the busy markets, tasty street food, or the welcoming people, we love to share the unique culture of Kanpur.

From Kanpur’s unique history and the beauty of the Ganga ghats, Kanpuriya Kisse covers it all. They specifically highlight the famous religious temples of Kanpur.

Kanpuriya Kisse has been showcasing the incredible aspects that make Kanpur a unique city on their Instagram and YouTube accounts for 10+ years.

6. Kanpurbeautiful (Kanpur ki khoobsurati)

Kanpur ki Khoobsurati is all about showing how wonderful Kanpur is in every way. It highlights Kanpur’s tradition and culture, including its festivals, temples, and famous landmarks.

Kanpur ki khoobsurati will help you cover Kanpur’s best dishes, including momos, kebab paranthas, samosas, and even mouthwatering deep-dish pizzas loaded with cheese.

Discover the hidden and beautiful spots in Kanpur that few people know about, and enjoy Kanpur’s pleasant climate with Kanpur ki khoobsurati.  

Kanpur Ki Khoobsurati’s Instagram page is all about celebrating the lively and rich culture of Kanpur. 

7. Humbhifoodie

Well, the name says it all! Humbhifoooodie is one of the most popular Instagram food explorers in Kanpur. 

They have been posting their gourmet experiences on their Instagram and YouTube channels for more than 4 years.

Humbhifoodie has visited every restaurant in the city and has helped you to discover the best food in Kanpur by going on food strolls, exploring different areas, and trying various cuisines.

Humbhifooodie shows how various foods are produced and communicates the histories behind them. They speak with food stall vendors and restaurant chefs in the amusing and interesting videos they produce. 

You may find mouthwatering images of chicken meals, loaded thalis, momos, samosas, freak shakes, Indian curries, noodles, and other tasty treats if you follow them on Instagram.

8. Nitin Gupta (hikanpur)

The man behind the famous Instagram account “Kanpur,” Nitin Gupta, is a well-known Influencer in Kanpur. He’s famous for exploring and sharing interesting facts about Kanpur City. He keeps everyone updated on what’s going on in Kanpur, such as the latest fashion offers and fascinating new cafés and diners.

Hikanpur Insta handle can also provide you with information about coaching centers and classes, as well as places to shop in Kanpur. Not only that, it also updates you on the best food stalls and live concerts happening in Kanpur.

The creation of amusing and relatable memes about Kanpur by Nitin makes the Hikanpur feed even more enjoyable. Nitin’s Hikanpur page is the place to go for anything in Kanpur. 

9. Nirbhay Shukla

Nirbhay Shukla is a well know instagram influencer, born and brought up in Kanpur. Being an actor, singer, and writer, he is a person of many talents.

Nirbhay creates humorous Kanpur-related videos and memes that highlight the city’s most well-known qualities.

He also makes fun of the habit of chewing Gutkha while speaking with a Kanpuriya accent and imitates movie sequences in a way that gives them a Kanpuriya flavor.

Checkout his instagram account for amusing content on Kanpur and its quirkiness.

10. Kanpurfoodexplorers

Gokul Garg runs the handle Kanpurfoodexplorer on Instagram and shares his daily updates and food photos with their followers.  

Garg talks about the tastiest foods and beverages in Kanpur and offers insight into where to look for the best street food, the best desserts at which bakery or cafe, and the best places to discover the ideal cocktail. 

On his Instagram profile, he records fun food experiences that take you from the streets to the most expensive eateries and from sweet sweets to savory pleasures.

Follow him for food-related queries or just to feast your eyes on yummy sights 

So this was the list of top influencers from Kanpur, who rule the digital sphere and inspire and shape local trends and culture of Kanpur.

And yes if you know more such top influencers then please share it here and we’ll get them added soon.

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